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Why study in turkey

In Turkey, with its natural, spiritual, transportation and physical properties special to its cities, there are many reasons to study; Turkey is a center of attraction for students worldwide.

Here are the reasons why students in Turkey study internationally:


Quality high education opportunities 

With a schooling record of 94.2 percent, Turkey is the second country in the world to have access to higher education. Turkey’s involvement in the European Higher Education Region perfectly executes the Bologna Process; our Bologna Report is 5 out of 5. So, in all European countries, the diploma you earn from a university in Turkey is accepted. As a credit scheme for classes, ECTS is implemented in compliance with European standards, and all students earn a Diploma Supplement. Turkey, in addition, is one of the most active nations. Participating in the Erasmus + exchange programs. In addition to Erasmus, several exchange programs in Turkey support the mobility of students and lecturers, such as Mevlana and Farabi.


Life Multicultural

Turkey, which has for thousands of years hosted many deep-rooted civilizations within its territory, is almost a mosaic of cultures. They are all tolerant and respectful of one another. in this country where countless cultures have been housed. With its healthy and peaceful atmosphere, Turkey, where you can find a part of Your roots, and maybe you will meet people who speak your language.


Natural Beauties

Turkey, which has four seasons, has a reputation all over the world for its natural beauty. In the seas surrounding Turkey, you can enjoy swimming and water sports; you can ski in many mountain towns, you can enjoy river rafting and experience many extreme sports. As in the heaven of Turkey, you will feel countless beauties that will only fascinate you with their scenery.


Historical and Cultural Heritage

There are thousands of historical and cultural sites in Turkey, many of them protected as UNESCO Cultural Heritage, based on a long history. Perhaps you would like to keep track of the traces, you can regularly find, even in your everyday life.


Student Friendly

Turkey, with at least one university in each region, is a student-friendly country! At any university, social clubs, sports teams and cultural activities bring students together and make distant geographies close. You will realize when you arrive in Turkey that the places where students socialize are the most active areas of the region! Cities live 24 hours a day, thanks to the cafes, restaurants and libraries where students hang out.


Hospitable Turkish People

The hospitality of the Turkish people around the world is legendary; As a student, with all honesty and friendliness, people will do their best if you ask for support. As visitors, Turks will welcome you and have many treats to please you. Be sure that you are not going to miss your home here.


Easy Living Conditions 

Life is more affordable in Turkey than in most nations. At reasonable rates, you can fulfil your needs, such as housing, food and drink, and entertainment. You may stay or rent a house for a decent lease in the dormitories inside or near the university campuses. Besides, you can obtain a ticket at a reduced price, whichever transport you want as a student, or watch a movie at the cinema at a lower price.

Turkey, too, is a convenient country to enter since it is situated on the continents of Middle Asia and Europe. Whichever way you want to explore Turkey, which hosts countless attractions, you can quickly and comfortably reach where you want.


Turkish Learning Opportunities

There are some programs in English at universities in Turkey. Also, you will learn Turkish, the fifth most commonly spoken language in the world! In Turkish classes that your university will give you, you will have the opportunity to learn a new language, and you will be friends with people from many different cultures.

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