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student visa requirements

Students who come to Turkey to study must receive a student visa from the Consulate of the Turkish Republic nearest to them. Student visa procedures can take time, so it is essential that you apply for a student visa as soon as your letter of admission is sent.

Also, the most important thing you need to do after arrival in Turkey, and after completing your university registration, is to apply for a residency permit. You can go to the Provincial Directorate of Migration after filling in the application form at https:/e-ikamet.goc.gov.tr/

As long as you remain in Turkey with your residence card and international identification (YU) number that you obtain after your submission, you will be able to carry out all formal transactions. Upon entering and arriving in Turkey, if your resident card does not expire, so you do not need to receive a new visa. Before the validity period expires, you must renew your residence permit.

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