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Money and living expenses

While it varies according to your lifestyle and preferences, life is very inexpensive for students in Turkey. Without a doubt, everywhere we dream of going in the world, the cost of living is a guiding force that allows us to determine.

That’s why the living conditions in Turkey determine whether or not we should move there permanently, and when it comes to daily spending, Turkey can be a surprisingly cheap place. As in any other country, the most expensive places to live in Turkey are busy industry, tourism and economic hubs.

Insurance and Health Expenditures

In private policy plans, health insurance for international students ranges from 300-500 TL per year. These private insurers allow you, under the limits defined in the agreement, to obtain free health care at contracted hospitals. You must get an English copy of your policy as well and carefully read the related papers.

Pay for General Health Insurance is 1059 TL per year as of 2020. In all state hospitals, you can receive free health care with this insurance. You would have to pay for private hospitals, various donation rates. Moreover, Student discounts are provided at the cinema, theatre, museum, public transport, several book houses and restaurants for regular expenses. Let us remind you that Turkish Airlines delivers students with enticing discounts and exclusive deals.

Tuition Fee

In higher education, along with many leading countries, Turkey is a remarkable country in terms of providing high-quality education choices with low tuition fees. The government sets the lower and upper limits of the number of donations to be received from international students, and net sums are left to the university initiative.

For this reason, the tuition fees for Turkish universities differ depending on the type of university (state or foundation), the level of the programme (undergraduate or graduate), the professorship level (medicine, dentistry, engineering, law, etc.) and the length of the education. In contrast to universities of comparable quality in Europe or America, the prices are affordable.

At the start of each semester, tuition fees are charged before registration for the course. Two semesters are composed of each academic year. You can earn discounts or complete exemptions at different rates, depending on the academic achievement status.

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