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Employment while you study

For international students in Turkey, there were previously no fixed guidelines about work while studying. No hours are specified, and it is not permitted for these students to work legally in Turkey. Turkey’s President has recently announced that a work permit would be given to all international students. Besides, these students can also very quickly renew their residency permits at their universities.

Under the Turkish Scholarship Scheme, there are 115,000 international students currently studying in the country, while the Turkish government wants to raise the number to 350,000. Moreover, the President of Turkey states that Turkey still wishes to continue, after graduation, its relationship with these students.

Under the Presidential Declaration:

  • Both students and graduates studying abroad can receive a work permit in Turkey.
  • International students can, in less time than before, renew their residence permits.
  • These students will get their general health benefits before waiting for three months.


  • International students enrolled in a university, or higher education degree programs in Turkey can work as long as there is a valid work permit for them.
  • After completing their first year, international students studying the two-year degree course or undergraduate study programme will now apply for a work permit. In line with Labor Law No. 4857 of 22 May 2003, these students will now work part-time. However, this limitation does not extend to postgraduate students participating in formal educational programs, for example: A valid student residence permit would not impact the given work permits granted to international students.
  • International students studying with an employer in technical training programs come under the law on work permits.
  • Students studying under the Education and Youth Services of the European Union are excluded from work permits.
  • Foreigners who are excluded from other international countries from a work permit can work or be employed without a work permit. An international student usually uses less than 30 to 35 hours a week; this also offers enough time to focus on their studies.

Part –Time Jobs For International Students

Different Turkish zones offer Part-Time working students with different types and possibilities. The students have to study and find jobs that fit reasonable schedules to find these jobs. However, in this respect, universities are very supportive, and students can search their university premises for Part-Time employment opportunities. It is recommended for students to review the notice boards of the institute for open work opportunities.

For example, international students can work in the cafeteria, library, administrative department or sports arena of the university. Besides,  international students can also take advantage of outside opportunities, such as an amusement park, mall, showrooms, restaurants, gas stations, even from home, they can also operate, etc.

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