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Protect yourself and your family with insurance

Consider insurance to protect yourself, your family, your home, and your belongings. Health insurance coverage is mandatory for any person residing in Switzerland for more than three months. If you work in Switzerland even for under three months, this applies to you too.

Switzerland International Student Insurance

In Switzerland, health insurance is compulsory for people residing or staying for more than three months. Special arrangements apply to Switzerland’s staying to start or continue education and training, depending on their situation.

Healthcare in Switzerland

Switzerland’s universal health care system is highly decentralized, with the cantons, or states, playing a key role in its operation. The system is funded through enrollee premiums, taxes (mostly cantonal), social insurance contributions, and out-of-pocket payments. Residents are required to purchase insurance from private nonprofit insurers. Adults also pay yearly deductibles, in addition to coinsurance (with an annual cap) for all services. Coverage includes most physician visits, hospital care, pharmaceuticals, devices, home care, medical services in long-term care, and physiotherapy. Supplemental private insurance can be purchased for services not covered by mandatory health insurance, secure a more excellent physician’s choice, and obtain better hospital accommodations.

There are two different kinds of health insurance in Switzerland: compulsory health insurance (also called basic insurance) under the Swiss Federal Law on Sickness Insurance (KVG) and voluntary supplementary insurance under the Swiss Federal Law on Insurance Contracts (VVG).

EU Residents:

Students holding a European Health insurance Card (EHIC) or private insurance from an EU country may be exempt from compulsory health insurance in Switzerland. As for students working beside their studies, this exemption is not possible since it is only approved if you do not have any income.

Non-EU Residents:

If you are from a non-EU country and do not hold a European Health Insurance Card, you will have to take out Swiss insurance. Here are the available options:
  • Academic Care
Academic Care by Groupe Mutuel is a student insurance package for international students at very cheap rates. The cheapest is the monthly premium one for students under 26, which is CHF 90 (with an annual deductible of CHF 500), while for those over 26, it is CHF 125 (with a yearly deductible of CHF 500).
  • Swisscare
With a “student plan,” Swisscare also offers a student insurance package for foreign students at cheap rates. Monthly premiums (Standard plan) for students up to 31 is CHF 65 (with an annual deductible of CHF 1000), while for students over 32, it is CHF 85 (with a yearly deductible of CHF 1000).
  • Student Care
Student Care offered by SWICA is also an affordable student insurance package for non-Swiss students. Monthly premiums for students under 25 are CHF 91.70 (with an annual deductible of CHF 500), while there are slightly higher prices for students over 25.

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