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Best Student Accommodation & Housing Options in Switzerland

You will be able to choose from a range of housing options, with a combination of university residences and private rental options available to postgraduate students, depending on the arrangements at specific universities.

In some cases, and depending on their agreements with the university, international students and researchers will be offered accommodation opportunities by their institution. Usually, though, each person must find their accommodation. The most common solution for international students or researchers is to rent an apartment or a house, or a room in students’ residences.

Student housing associations are the cheapest option, with a range of rooms and flats to suit most budgets. The average prices are in the region of €620 per month but vary between cities. Swiss Universities, an organization representing Swiss higher education institutions, maintains a useful university and student housing pages list.

If you decide to rent privately, expect to pay between €1,055 and €2,645 per month for a one-bedroom flat, depending on the city and location. Also, individual universities often maintain resources on their websites for international students, including practical guides to finding accommodation and living in their immediate vicinity. If you cannot see this information, consider getting in touch with your institution’s international office and asking if they can help you.

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