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Employment while you study

As an international student, a brilliant way to make money for your education in Italy is to find paid part-time jobs. The positive part is that the scope of employment open to international students in Italy has no restrictions.

Because of the quality of their status, many students from the EU work without limitations or job permits. However, in Italy, students from other countries can find paid employment if it is stated on their visas or based on their visa status. Students can work part-time for just 20 hours a week, but during the summer and holidays they can work up to 40 hours.

There are university-assisted internships in Italy for bachelor and postgraduate students; these positions are not only monetary but also provide career growth and experience that are often very beneficial to the student. Native English speakers can find home tutoring jobs and be a replacement for teachers; these fields are very sought after and are very open to students with proficient skills at the stage. The hourly rate is €30 an hour on average, which seems very good. Many universities often offer their students jobs, campuses and faculty services recruit university students to take on paying positions within the university. These jobs provide tuition payments or stipends for living expenses.

There are study and teaching assistant positions available for Masters and PhD candidates. While highly competitive, on both the monetary and academic sides, they are also very satisfying. Having some knowledge of the Italian language can prove to be very helpful in Italy. Many workers in the service sector, such as fast-food restaurants, supermarkets, warehouses, etc., all require regular contact at some level in Italy.

Students, however, in many online gigs or digital space jobs such as graphics, web design, eBooks, digital marketing, and social media marketing, find good money. More recently, STEM students learn that in their fields there are now part-time positions that they will not only work and demonstrate their talents or what they have been taught in the classroom but also gain real-time experience and skills that will prepare them for a promising career.

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