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Around thirty-five percent of international students ‘ overall monthly spending is spent on housing. On average, accommodation prices in Italy range from 200 to 300 Euros per month. The average expenditure for students living alone is 266 Euros per month, 257 Euros per month for students living in student accommodation, and 133 Euros per month for students living with their partners or children.

There will be weekly expenses of 30 to 40 Euros for mobile bills and other miscellaneous expenses. Entertainment-related expenses of 30 or 40 Euros a week will also be in place. To save money, an international student can have cheap meals that cost 2-3 Euros (sandwich, street food, pizza). Some Italian restaurants have the American Happy Hour counterpart. One can also take advantage of that.

It can be a big challenge to find accommodation in Italy. You always need to find yourself a roof to cover your head, despite its lovely and serene atmosphere that may want to hold you out all day and night.

Accommodation in Italy varies greatly , depending mainly on your allegiance or territory. Big cities like Milan and Rome are much more costly than rural ones. Nevertheless, such cities provide you with many accommodation choices from which you can choose.

Student accommodation through an institution

There are no dormitory apartments for students at most Italian universities. You can only come across a scene in some special situations where a university will provide its students with accommodation. Yet you may have access to exclusive offers as an international student. Therefore, you need to check if it is accessible at your chosen university.

Shared Housing

This form of accommodation is the most affordable in Italy for students. Here, in exchange for some money, students offer to share their flat with another student. Compared with other types of accommodation, this form of housing in Italy is cheaper for students. The cost ranges from EUR 300 to 800 per month in general, and the price depends on the necessary facilities in the space, size and location as well.

Private Accommodation

Private accommodation is the best accommodation for a student in Italy, but compared to other forms of housing, it is very pricey. You’ll have a room for yourself in private accommodation, which costs from €400 to over €900 monthly.

You need to take care of accommodation in Italy can be a significant challenge for students, especially international students if these considerations are not properly taken into account before payments are made. Such variables include:

  • Nearness to your institution 
  • Additional costs, such as fees for power, water, heat and many more.
  • Parking area, (if you own a vehicle, that is)
  • Fees as a consequence of unexpected circumstances.
When you get a place in Italy, finding a way to strike a balance between all of these will allow you to enjoy your education and also your time in Italy.

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