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Student Health, Medical, Home & Contents Insurance in Germany

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Germany International Student Insurance

International students in Germany must get health insurance before they can enrol in their school and obtain a residence permit. Student health insurance in Germany is designed to be more affordable than it is for other categories of people.
Usually, the health care system in Germany requires most residents to pay health insurance based on their income. However, students in Germany pay a standard discounted amount in contributions, regardless of their financial status (unless they are employed).
When you are getting student health insurance in Germany, it must cover at least the following:

  • In-patient hospital care.
  • Out-patient care.
  • Regular medical check-ups.
  • The cost of medications.
  • Basic dental care.
  • Pregnancy treatment.
  • Emergency services (ambulance)
  • In case of death:
  • Repatriation of remains
  • Funeral costs
  • Private health insurance companies such as DR. Walter offers affordable health insurance plans for students in Germany. EDUCARE24 is the most sought after, cheapest, and comprehensive plan for international students in Germany.

How does the German Healthcare System work?

Public Health Insurance (known as Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung – GKV)

Employees in Germany who receive a monthly income of less than €5,063 are entitled to public health insurance. Employees who earn a monthly income of more than €5,063 (or €60,750/year) can register with private providers instead of the public ones.

Public health insurance in Germany covers in-patient and out-patient hospital care, medical check-ups, medications, pregnancy treatment, basic dental care, ambulance transport, repatriation to home country and funeral costs in case of death

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