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Best Student Accommodation & Housing Options in Germany

Finding your home away from home

There are two kinds of accommodation you can get to Germany as a student. The economical option – student unions’ halls of residence and the private accommodation are tending to be more costly compared to the first option.

Accommodation in temporary means until finding the permanent place of stay in Germany is a very common practice amongst international students. Temporary accommodation options for students in Germany are cheap hotels, low-cost hostels, youth hostels, private B&B and guest houses.

Private accommodation

The greatest piece of the total international students in Germany chooses to live in private forms of accommodation. Rent prices are likely to be higher in cities such as Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt am Main, Cologne, Hamburg and, compared to other places in Germany.

Searching for a private place means you have to search on your own for the place. However, you can require support on your hunt from the International Office or the student union in your city.

If you are about to search on your own, you should check for an advertisement for available student apartments either in local, city or student newspapers and magazines. Local newspapers usually advertise flats for rent on Wednesday and Saturdays. Additionally, the university has also a spot on their campus where they print such advertisements, where also students post their announcements for wanting to share their apartment with other people. A different way is posting your ad for requiring an apartment in various portals and in social media groups of the city where you study at – especially Facebook.

It is advised to use the phrase Studenten-WG and Studentenwohnung when making your search. Make sure your search is personalized for the city you are studying at.

Apartment for one person

This is when you decide to rent the entire apartment privately wholly for yourself—having to deal with rent and utility costs on your means a bigger chance to spend a lot of money on accommodation. This also implies having a greater private space and noiselessness. Living with no one in a foreign country means a less possibility to interact with native students and other international students too.

flat share

This is a very popular way to accommodate in Germany, as about 30% of the international students in Germany apply for it. Living in a flat share, the student must share the same flat, utility costs and rent. In this accommodation type, people must share with others the kitchen, bathroom, balcony and living room. Yet there is a space for privacy as each of them usually has their bedroom. There is a possibility to find flat share mates, people you do not know who is interested in sharing the apartment with others like you.

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