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Why Study in Australia? Top Reasons & Benefits to Choose it

There are abundant reasons why students choose Australia, which one is yours?

If you are looking to further your education, undertake a world class degree or fast track your career, Australia offers a range of opportunities.  Whether you choose to undertake an MBA, engineering degree, humanities or English language course, Australia is difficult to beat in terms of its standard of living, academic excellence, and support for international students. Australia’s capital cities, including MelbourneSydneyCanberraAdelaide and Brisbane, are ranked amongst the world’s 30 best cities for students.


Quality of life

The quality of life in Australia ranks behind only Norway as the best in the world. With sophisticated infrastructure, world leading healthcare services, a dynamic range of public transport, numerous student services, and a comparatively affordable cost of living, Australia is a haven for those looking to study abroad. The country boasts five of the world’s 30 best cities for students in terms of quality of life, employment opportunities, cost of living, and student community.

The Australian Government also offers many incentives for those looking to study abroad in its country, including some $200 million worth of scholarships, job visas in multiple fields, numerous research opportunities, and the possibility of gaining permanent residency status after you graduate.


quality education

Australia has a national regulatory and quality agency for higher education called – the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA). It was established by the Australian Government to monitor quality, and regulate university and non-university higher education providers against a set of standards developed by the independent Higher Education Standards Panel. In addition, the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) law protects:

  • the wellbeing of all international students.
  • the quality of students' education experience.
  • the provision of up-to-date and accurate information.


Rights for international students

You can’t beat Australia when it comes to implementation of rights and consumer protection. It has the most rigorous consumer protection for international students. As per the Australian Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000, all programs that are offered to overseas students meet stringent government regulations.


A land of noble laureates

15 of Australia’s scientists have been awarded a Noble prize for their contribution in various fields which reinstates the quality of education and research opportunities available in Australia. Over 1 billion people in the world are dependent on innovations and discoveries made by Australia. The country is known for its research in IVF, cervical cancer vaccination, penicillin, ultrasound, the Bionic Ear, Black Box Flight Recorders and more. Indian students seeking research prospects can expect endless support from the Australian government for their projects in terms of funding, providing the best guides, labs and facilities.


Student Essential Services (SES) by DESTINATION PARTNERS

Studying abroad is more than just getting an acceptance letter from your chosen university (or school) and visa approval. So, to save all the hassle, we at DESTINATION PARTNERS provide certain exclusive services to our students seeking courses in Australia such as Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), accommodation services, guardianship and welfare services, DESTINATION PARTNERS ISIC student benefit card , DESTINATION PARTNERS Helpline and more!

Fun facts about Australia

47% per cent of the total population of Australia is born outside the country.

Women in Australia got the right to vote in 1902, second after New Zealand.

Over 80% of its population lives within 100 kilometres of the coast which makes it the most urbanized coastal dwelling populations

You’re more likely to spot a sheep than a person in Australia. After all, it houses three times more sheep than people.

Looking for a mail box near you? The Great Barrier Reef has one!

Heard about Banana Benders? They are the people from Queensland.

Do you know Australia has the largest public tram system in the world?

4 out of 10 Australians are migrants.

The sports capital of the world has 70% of its total population participating at least once a week in a particular recreational activity or sport.

526,932 international students from over 90 countries

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